About Us

 Built with a mission to promote sustainable tourism

Built with a mission to promote sustainable tourism, our main goal is social inclusivity, economic growth and promoting local culture. We believe it is essential to preserve and enhance the wellbeing of both the host community as well as the guest. 
We work with locals of the Himalayan hill regions of Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Triveni, Kurseong and more. Our focus is to encourage environmentally responsible travel that benefits the local community, preserves the natural landscape and wildlife at the same time gives travellers an authentic memorable experience.


Tourbix was founded

Founded in 2020, our focus is to inspire travellers to explore this corner of the world, to discover the natural beauty, culture and lifestyle. Our concept is to connect the local hosts with travellers seeking a well-planned personalised experience. 
Travellers can explore this beautiful region by spending time with friendly locals and being involved in their lifestyle.


Tourbix was founded by Sujak Gupta, a nature lover, adventure enthusiast and a former web developer. He built this with a vision to share the love and beauty of his place, the simplicity of local lifestyle and rich culture. An explorer by heart, a travel and hospitality expert, he takes travellers to experience the unexplored.


Building an eco-friendly community

Tourbix team is cleaning the plastic bottles and waste from Himalayan regions. We call this action, #plasticfreehimalayas, where by collecting plastic bottles from all over the country, we are building an eco-friendly community.


It’s easier to become a host and reach millions

of travellers around the globe

We're building a community that allows travellers to connect with locals, be it urban or rural to get an insightful experience about their lifestyle. 
As a local host, you have the opportunity to host your property with us, be it a room in your house, a homestay, a cabin or even a hostel. If you have any activities that are unique to your culture and place, we can help you highlight that too.


Benefit of hosting with Tourbix

Tourbix has multiple listing contributors across the globe which have resulted in multilingual and multicultural listings which is at par with mainstream OTA marketplaces.
Hosts have the flexibility to make it short term or long term rental.
You can get amazing incentives like extra income or free stays when you create your listing on our website. Be a part of encouraging local tourism, highlighting heritage places and showcasing